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But be careful! You may lose everything you've built on the classic board game! Beautiful graphics and animations 7 game modes More than 30 buildings to build More than 40 kinds of districts 4 difficulty levels Searchable online leaderboards for the world Discover more than 30 amazing quotes and sayings Customizable uniforms 20 kinds of building cards to play Play MONOPOLY® PLUS: Find out why it's still the No. 1 game in the world today! Key features Buy Buildings Build districts, parks and shops to customize your city in several ways. Trade Make money by selling goods from the buildings you own. Play with the World You can also play with the whole world by connecting with Facebook and sharing your progress with your friends. Online Leaderboards Compare your performance with others in the world! Check out the latest offers for MONOPOLY® PLUS on the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and Amazon! Your comments Reviews and ratings This was an interesting take on the game. It was almost as fun as the original, although I did get a little irritated at the lack of online multiplayer for the game on the iPhone (or is there one? I haven't found it.) The gameplay is also fairly simple, and the multiple difficulty settings are well implemented. I've played enough Monopoly games that this one doesn't have the same 'trying to find that one thing to say about it' feeling that I had with a lot of other games. The good thing is that all of the features that I wanted to see in the game are here. I found that the 'build' and 'trade' modes worked really well. I love the sound effects. I could barely hear the coins clinking as they changed hands. Even the likeness to the original has been fairly well done. The number of houses and hotels are pretty close to the original. I'm not too happy with the Special Power cards. They made me feel like I was a toddler when I had all of the red and blue properties. The different difficulty settings made it fairly interesting. It was a fun little game. I had a lot of fun playing this game, which is surprising considering that I’m not a big fan of Monopoly games. I was pleasantly surprised by the music,



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