The Petal Roll

Yoga is a practice that takes time and attention. Just like baking you can’t rush it. You have to be willing to try, fail, and try again. If your willing to stick with it, you will create a masterpiece. The masterpiece is you.

This past Sunday on Mother’s Day I made my Oma’s petal roll recipe and I was reminded again about the similarities of baking and yoga.

First the yeast must soften. It’s such a sweet delight, slowly kneaded into a soft luscious dough. It must sit still and undisturbed to rise. It’s a tender dough, it takes time, it takes love. It’s petals are drenched in butter and rolled in sugar and nuts and then arranged beautifully just like a flower awaiting its bloom. Then it rises for a second time full of its potential. Just like yoga you must soften, you must be still, you must get to your mat to knead, to drench and then you must have patience and to see your ultimate potential. Then you will rise in your full bloom.

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